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My vaginal dryness has improved! ReNewed is easy to use and I have noticed thicker vaginal skin and more lubrication! ReNewed clearly has improved my vaginal dryness.


My vaginal dryness is a thing of the past. I have no pain at all now from intercourse and my desire to have sex has come back! Even my husband has noticed a difference!


I am divorced and have recently started dating again. However, I am so scared of the thought of being intimate with a new man! I started ReNewed and it has made such a difference in my vaginal dryness. I no longer fear intimacy! I feel 10 years younger down there. Thank you!


Since using this product I have noticed my vagina has been “ReNewed”! My dryness is gone. I feel younger. And best of all, my desire to have sex has come back which makes my husband very happy. All in all, this has been a very good thing


After just a week’s time, I have noticed a difference in my vaginal dryness and irritation. I even feel a difference in my vaginal skin.


I would have to say your product truly helped me out of the menopause “FUNK” in which I was in!


I will for sure say this about your product, my vagina is back to normal! My sex life has been “ReNewed” and for that I can’t thank you enough!


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