1. Why is ReNewed in a suppository?

The ReNewed vaginal suppositories allow women to deliver the product to the exact place
where the vaginal dryness occurs, not just limiting it to the external labia. ReNewed vaginal suppositories are small and easy to use! The suppository is half the size of a regular suppository. It is a concentrated formula designed for less messiness! Each suppository contains the exact dosing – you don’t have to worry as with cream products. DHEA supports the body’s ability to promote moisturization and lubrication in the vaginal tissue.

2. What is the active ingredient?

All the ingredients play an important role in this formula. These suppositories contain DHEA, an all-natural hormone that has the same healing effects as estrogen but without raising hormone levels throughout the rest of the body. There is approximately 6.5mg of DHEA per suppository. The most common relief for vaginal dryness and atrophy is estrogen suppositories; however, many women seek to avoid estrogen or cannot use it. DHEA promotes lubrication and moisturization in the vaginal tissue. Please click on the “about the product” page to learn about all the ingredients in ReNewed.

3. How long will one box last?

ReNewed vaginal suppositories contain 15 suppositories. Directions are to use ReNewed at a minimum 3 times weekly (for cases of light vaginal dryness) or up to once daily (for severe vaginal atrophy).

For first time users of ReNewed, we recommend starting out using it once nightly until you notice a positive difference in your vaginal moisture. This is usually 1-2 weeks for women with normal vaginal dryness related to menopause. Then scale back to using it 3-5 times weekly. If you stop use or use it only once weekly, you will notice your vaginal dryness return. ReNewed is to be used continuously for menopausal and post-menopausal women.

For women with severe vaginal atrophy, it could take over a month of using ReNewed daily before you notice your vaginal dryness improving. Don’t be discouraged. It will improve! Then once you notice the improvement you were hoping, you can scale back to 3-5 times weekly use.

We sell a 3-month supply (4 boxes in total) at a 5% discount if you prefer to buy in bulk to save on shipping!

4. Why is ReNewed cocoa butter based? Isn’t that in chocolate?

Although we love it in chocolate, we love it even more in ReNewed™! Cocoa butter is a pale-yellow edible vegetable fat extracted from cocoa beans. In addition to chocolate, it is also used to make high-quality cosmetics and also pharmaceuticals. The best-known attribute of cocoa butter is its melting point, just below body temperature. It melts quickly after application! It’s second best attribute is its moisturizing abilities. It is extremely emollient to the skin. It is incredibly beneficial to the vaginal mucous membrane. And because of its low pH level, it is the ideal base for vaginal suppositories.

We do NOT use harsh synthetic ingredients, petrolatum-based products or fragrances. You can feel good about using ReNewed! We practice full ingredient disclosure so what you see on the label is exactly what you get. We also test ReNewed for heavy metals, microbiological contaminants and potency to ensure our product is safe, effective and the highest quality.

5. I suffer from severe vaginal atrophy and I worry the essential oils might burn.

The essential oils are actually helpful to irritated tissues. Calendula is soothing to the vaginal tissues. Frankincense is soothing to mucous membranes and Lavender oil is an anti-inflammatory.

6. My vaginal dryness is gone! Can I stop using ReNewed or scale back on applications?

ReNewed is designed to be used throughout menopause. Unfortunately, vaginal dryness is not something that can be cured. Vaginal dryness is a normal symptom of menopause as your body’s estrogen production declines. The longer you wait to get help for vaginal dryness, the longer it takes to correct it. With early and regular use of ReNewed, you will not have to experience vaginal atrophy, a painful vaginal dryness, that so many women suffer from. ReNewed gives you the freedom to be intimate during and after menopause!

7. How do I use ReNewed vaginal suppositories?

Vaginal suppositories are used similar to inserting a tampon. We recommend using ReNewed at night before bed. You can keep your box on your nightstand as a helpful reminder! Our suppositories are small, about half the size of a normal suppository. Simply remove the suppository from the packaging and insert it like you would a tampon while laying on your back. We recommend lying on your back after for about 10-15 minutes. The suppository melts quickly. You may notice a slight discharge in the morning but most customers don’t notice any. Our suppositories are small exactly for this reason! We don’t like messiness! For women that prefer a vaginal applicator, you may purchase them on our website. Instructions are included with shipment.

ReNewed may also be applied topically to the vulva. Place the suppository in your hand and rub gently. Once it is melted, apply topically to the area. ReNewed is not designed to be taken orally.

8. Can ReNewed be used before sex?

Sure! ReNewed can be used before intercourse and oral sex. We recommend waiting about 15-30 minutes before intimacy to ensure that it is fully melted and absorbed. However, ReNewed is not designed to be a vaginal lubricant. ReNewed will replenish your own natural moisture with regular use. Most women notice their own moisture is restored after 2-4 weeks of regular use. If you suffer from vaginal atrophy, please be patient. It takes longer for ReNewed in cases of vaginal atrophy.

9. I am experiencing pain from using ReNewed!

Do you suffer from a yeast infection, chronic UTI or other vaginal infection? If so, stop using ReNewed and seek treatment for the infection. You may start using ReNewed again once the infection is gone.

If you suffer from vaginal atrophy, you may notice some slight pain/tenderness as you insert the suppository and shortly after insertion. This will go away after a few weeks of use when your natural moisture is restored.

10. I am a breast cancer survivor. Can I use ReNewed?

We recommend that women with cancer consult their practitioner prior to using any OTC cosmetic or dietary supplement. However, ReNewed does not contain estrogen. It will not raise your hormone levels throughout your body. ReNewed contains DHEA which is not absorbed systemically like estrogen is.

11. I received my package and the suppositories appear soft and/or melted.

Because the formula is all-natural and cocoa-butter based, the formula is heat-sensitive during shipment. We do not add synthetic ingredients and artificial stabilizers to harden the formula. During the hot summer months, we expedite shipping (at no cost to you!) and include ice packs to prevent the formula from melting. Although we try our very best, the product might arrive soft during high temperatures. If this occurs, you have two options. You can place the box upright in the refrigerator or freezer and the product will return to an ideal appearance in a half hour or so. This does not affect the potency or quality of the product.

Or you can give us a call at 800-743-2256 and we will be happy to reship you a new box. We want you satisfied!