Bathing and Vaginal dryness; How to prevent irritation.

Our skin is our largest breathing organ, permeable and penetrable. What we put on it truly matters, and will impact natural moisture, especially sensitive vaginal tissue. Vaginal dryness can affect women of all ages but is most common during perimenopause and menopause. Dryness may only be a slight discomfort to you on occasion or it [...]

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ReNewed™ plus Ovals™

“Menopause. It’s like being a testy human volcano with PMS. Only sweat pours out instead of hot lava but people still run from you in fear of their lives.”* We can find so many stories online of women who can relate so fiercely to this quote on a daily basis. While this may be funny, [...]

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Building Strength Through Menopause

Welcome to our in-depth article concerning Strength and Weight Training before, during and after menopause. Because menopause is something that happens to every woman eventually, we want to be there to support you in this time. Our bodies, hormones, and moods change and the struggle to feel strong and well can be frustrating, never-ending and [...]

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Start 2019 Off Right with Menopause on Your Side

As we welcome in the new year, many of us start to think about our fitness goals. It might be improving your running time, becoming more active in general or maybe you just want to lose that extra weight left over from the holidays. Whatever your reasoning may be, physical fitness is always important. Especially [...]

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ReNew Your Romance & Set Your Relationship Ablaze

The Associated Press and conducted a sex satisfaction survey which included baby boomers in the U.S.. They found that 1 out of 4 boomers are dissatisfied in the bedroom, more than any other age group surveyed. Intimacy as we age As the years pass on, you may find it harder to connect to your [...]

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