ReNew Your Romance & Set Your Relationship Ablaze

The Associated Press and conducted a sex satisfaction survey which included baby boomers in the U.S.. They found that 1 out of 4 boomers are dissatisfied in the bedroom, more than any other age group surveyed. Intimacy as we age As the years pass on, you may find it harder to connect to your [...]

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Leave menopause at home

The hot flashes and vaginal dryness don't stop because you're on vacation but making sure you have the right tools in your pocket can make traveling a breeze. Summer is finally here! You’ve been planning and looking forward to  this trip for months. But with your departure date so close, your mind starts to wander [...]

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Avoid Chemicals for a Healthier Balance

You try and avoid toxic chemicals that affect your skin and lungs, but have you considered how lubrication can affect your body and health? Nothing can compare to the feeling of your own natural lubricant and sometimes you need some extra help. However, lubricant, should be as safe as possible because the mucous membranes in [...]

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What Our Customers Are Saying

"When my first box of Renewed came I started a routine of inserting it after my shower before bedtime. I want to say it took a couple of weeks when I was actually the one initiating sex to my very surprised husband! I noticed my libido starting to come back. The walls of my vagina feel thicker and lubricated without the greasy mess of the other products I have tried."

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