Preparing for a happier life…50+

As women in our fifties, we have spent a lifetime balancing self care with family and home, community affairs and work. We have championed our families, nurturing them through growth and watching them mature into adults. We were change agents too, working hard for women’s rights so we could complete in the workplace for fair wages. It took a lot of tenacity and true grit to get ahead as women. In the 60’s, advertising messages recognized our progress and purchasing power, and solicited us with slogans like, “You’ve come a long way, baby”. Yep, we have. We changed the world! Now we are changing. What’s next?
Out with the old, in with the new

It is time to grow in new ways of thinking, and health, as our bodies are naturally maturing. It’s time to shift our priorities, including a focus on self preservation. Staying strong in body, mind and heart to feel young will take a concerted effort so the “golden years” are equally memorable and enjoyable.

What does 50+ mean to you?

Are you willing to toss aside self-limiting beliefs imposed by society? “Over the Hill”, for example, is an old phrase that needs to remain on the other side of the hill, far from our thoughts. That expression, coined in the UK in the early 1900’s was used to convey that someone is past their prime and old beyond usefulness and performance. While it is used in a jovial but taunting manner for someone turning a milestone age of 40, the subconscious seed it planted – you’re past your prime. Nonsense! We are merely in the afternoon of our lives. Reflect and meditate on this new perspective. How does it make you feel? Does it feel true for you? If so, wear it proudly… you’ve earned it, and, why not make room for more great memories and find new zest for life?

A history of concerns – What we have lived through

If we reflect on the concerns of life, from youth to present, our priorities change year-after-year and are dramatically different decade-to-decade. Let’s take a brief walk down memory lane.
In our teen years, pimples and dating were the top concern. Who liked who and why. What kind of makeup you should buy, how short your skirt could be without having your parents yell at you – these were top concerns.

In our 20’s we were going to school, getting married, having kids, and finding our place in the world. In our 30’s, buying a house was the priority as our focus turned to hearth and home. Work status generally improved. Families matured with new pursuits, and keeping up with the seasons of life made the years pass quickly. In our 40’s, income increased, insecurities decreased and we felt a sense of power in our accomplishments and family success. We made our place in this world.

Then came the 50’s. Yes, it should be a glorious time! So many achievements to look back upon and smile. And yet, we face new, uncharted territory – menopause, which feels more like meanopause. In a few short years we become bombarded by hot flashes, vaginal dryness, wrinkles, memory loss and more. With the 50’s comes new challenges and hurdles to jump over, for certain. You are not alone, and you can do it!. Your life is still worthy of celebration. And, if not now, then when?

Change your perspective, change your life

Through all of life’s struggles, we grow and learn, we decide how we will view the world. Do you look at the world through a lens of compassion and care, seeking all that is good? Or, has life been cruel to you, robbed you of joy and given you sour grapes? Perspective is a choice. How we see our future, and aging, is also a choice. Let’s look at the brighter side.

7 reasons to be thankful

  1. You don’t have the insecurities of youth. What was once important is not even a thought. What once plagued your thinking never even enters your mind.
  2. What you once feared faded away. We are all afraid of what we don’t understand. Aging gives us deeper understanding. We no longer feel unnecessary anxiety for irrational or unfounded thoughts. Whew!
  3. More compassion – We all make mistakes. A lifetime of them. It’s hard to judge others once you reflect on your own mistakes. We succeed at patience and tolerance.
  4. Improved health decisions – Advances in science has given us access to better medical care, more insights about health, and better, natural products to support our well being. The word “total health” has real meaning.
  5. More time for activities you are passionate about – With grown children, you can explore hobbies that inspire you, join a group or volunteer and make a difference. Yipee!
  6. More income – More disposable income gives you more choices – the freedom to travel, spruce up the house or buy a new wardrobe.
  7. Better food choices – We can find more healthful choices for food and beverages than ever before, both locally and online. Fierce competition means better pricing so we can get more for less.
  8. Use your time wisely and make the most of now.

Ideas for how to increase your overall well-being

  • Internal growth – Yoga, meditation, spiritual growth. Grow your mind and heart and you may experience expansion.
  • Shared wisdom and knowledge – You can apply your energies to you grand kids and through volunteerism. Future generations need you and your deep experience.
  • Find the humor in everything. There are thousands of YouTube videos about people and animals that will make you laugh. A few of those a day will lighten your heart.
  • Professional support – Not able to get past some concerns? It’s OK, seek professional support to work through your challenges. This is important for your mental health.
  • Improve your health – Seek professional guidance for the activities that will strengthen, not hurt your body. We all perform better with movement and too much sedentary living will rob you of vitality. Your muscles need to be challenged, you must strengthen your body to prevent falls.
  • Prepare for the future – As we age, we become more vulnerable. Making your house safe and accessible will prevent accidents that are inevitable as you age. Aging-In-Place Professionals will tell you – it’s not if you fall, but when you fall. Think about how you can make your life safe and comfortable for your future.

Nature’s Naturopathic is dedicated to women’s total health. We believe in supporting women to create the highest quality of life for every woman, fifty and beyond.