You try and avoid toxic chemicals that affect your skin and lungs, but have you considered how lubrication can affect your body and health?

Nothing can compare to the feeling of your own natural lubricant and sometimes you need some extra help. However, lubricant, should be as safe as possible because the mucous membranes in the vagina absorb those ingredients directly into your body.

You wouldn’t eat petroleum-based products, would you? Well many lubricants contain Petrochemicals like petroleum, polyethylene glycol and propylene glycol. These ingredients may not only be linked to cancer but are found in products like antifreeze. What’s scarier is what researchers have also found in popular warming sensation lubricants! Silicone oils should also be avoided as they have been proven to be harmful. Silicone has many names like: viscasil 5M, mirasil DM 20, methyl polysiloxane, dimethicone, highly polymerized methyl polysiloxane. Parabens, Glycerin and Chlorhexidine are other chemicals that you should steer clear of in the bedroom. These chemicals can throw off the PH balance in your vagina putting you at risk of contracting bacterial vaginosis.

All natural DHEA vaginal suppository

Look for natural and safe ingredients like cocoa butter, coconut oil, aloe vera gel, shea butter and vitamin E. Using natural lubricants instead of synthetic will not only make a difference in your sex life but your health. So, read the labels of everything you put ON your body, just like you do on what you put IN your body!

ReNewed Vaginal Suppositories is not a topical lubricant, it helps replenish your natural moisture from within. With regular use, you can throw out those messy lubricants! ReNewed Vaginal suppositories contains a unique formula of DHEA and other natural ingredients.