The power of Cocoa Butter

Isn’t Cocoa Butter for Chocolate? Although we love it in chocolate, we love it even more in ReNewed™ ! Cocoa butter is a pale-yellow edible vegetable fat extracted from cocoa beans. In addition to chocolate, it is also used to make high-quality cosmetics and also pharmaceuticals. The best known attribute of cocoa butter is its melting point, just below body temperature. It melts quickly after application! It’s second best attribute is its moisturizing abilities. It is extremely emollient to the skin. And because of its low pH level, it is the ideal base for vaginal suppositories.

“It is so cute and little. It smells good too!” – ReNewed™ customer

Big results in small packages

Customers are also loving the size of ReNewed™! Unlike other suppositories that are big, awkward and leave a mess, ReNewed™ is quite small. The smallest suppository we have seen on the market! But don’t let size fool you. It contains a powerful concentrated formula. We designed it this way to minimize the messiness. ReNewed™ is small but mighty at moisturizing! We use only the best natural ingredients in ReNewed™.