Unimed Living asks us these questions:

  • Why is it expected for a woman in her forties or fifties to have a body that is muscular, toned, firm and smooth like a woman ten or twenty years younger?
  • What is wrong with an older woman looking like an older woman?
  • Why might she feel she has to look like a younger version of herself to be attractive, sexy or even have sex appeal?
  • How true are those menopausal ‘feelings’? Are they based on how and what we actually do feel from deep within OR are they more some kind of mental imposition we’ve placed on ourselves from being fed a way of thinking we’ve bought into and accepted as the way it is or has to be?*

With social media being such a prevalent part of our lives, it can be hard to turn away from the media’s idea of beauty. If we have ‘flabby’ arms, a muffin top or fine lines and wrinkles then we must not be acceptable to society. While gaining inspiration from these venues, it can be a dangerous pitfall to begin to compare ourselves to the beautiful celebrities that have every beauty product and service at their fingertips with no regard to cost or time. We only have so much time and money on our side to be able to achieve the goals we set for ourselves. So how can we achieve inner beauty and peace without driving ourselves crazy?

Josephine Bell from UNimed Living puts this idea into perspective for us: “Inner beauty is always there – below the movements of our minds and emotions – and any thoughts of self-condemnation and self-criticism that can be so habitual we almost take to be ourselves. If we can penetrate beneath these repetitive movements, we can get a sense of a quality, a fragrance of something very exquisite, subtle and deeply female that is part of our essential essence – something which has nothing to do with the so-called age or imperfections of our form. When this inner beauty is acknowledged, cherished and supported by the woman herself, it’s easier for her to be aware and to let go of any habitual self-condemning thoughts and feelings.”*

Continuing to look forward and embrace and celebrate our bodies as we grow, change and mature, we can come to love ourselves inside and out. Never forget your self-worth. Once you find your self-worth, and value yourself above all else, you will find a deeper love for everything and everyone around you.

Love yourself,
Nature’s Naturopathic

Source: www.unimedliving.com