“I am writing to you about your product ReNewed™! I would have to say your product truly helped me out of the menopause “funk “in which I found myself. Before ReNewed™, I was really not interested in even having sex! EVER AGAIN! Well sure I did have it (not very often) to appease my husband who was feeling pretty hurt and confused at all the times I turned him down. I just felt weird and “funny down there”. I wasn’t even interested and felt that even when we did have sex it just wasn’t like it used to be. Menopause was not nice to me.

So I was very excited to try your product but I did not put any high expectations on it because the few things I had tried in the past, different lubricatints etc… were just messy and annoying. When my first box of ReNewed™ came I started a routine of inserting it after my shower before bedtime. I want to say it took a couple of weeks when I was actually the one initiating sex to my very surprised husband! I noticed my libido starting to come back. The walls of my vagina feel thicker and lubricated without the greasy mess of the other products I have tried.

I have found that I do not need to use it every day anymore like I did in the beginning. I use it probably 2 to 3 times a week or so. I will for sure say this about your product, my vagina feels back to normal!!! After the use of ReNewed™ I guess you could say I, along with my vagina and my sex life have been “ReNewed” and for that I can’t thank you enough!” – Vicki 12/11/17

So why not try it? 30 day money back guarantee!