The Associated Press and conducted a sex satisfaction survey which included baby boomers in the U.S.. They found that 1 out of 4 boomers are dissatisfied in the bedroom, more than any other age group surveyed.

Intimacy as we age

As the years pass on, you may find it harder to connect to your spouse or partner and feel you have less and less in common. It takes a concerted effort to maintain a close relationship and feel that connection that kept your love ablaze in your youth. Maybe it’s time to get to know each other all over again. Could the familiarity of your day-to-day routine prevent you from seeing what has changed? The reality is we may no longer know the person we have spent our lives with. Perhaps it’s time to take a fresh look at the relationship and understand what may have changed so you can restore the intimacy your deserve.

Empty nest syndrome and what’s next

TV Talk Show Host Dr. Ruth found that after the children are gone, couples can feel a sense of emptiness sneaking in. Instead of embracing their childless home, some experience depression and loneliness because their lives have revolved around their kids which is completely understandable.

While there’s never usually just ONE thing that either kills a romance or spices it up, we have created a solid list of ideas and tactics to renew your relationship and rebuild a new, intimate foundation. If you’re ready to rekindle the romance and intimacy you once enjoyed, these 6 tips should give you a great start!

  1. Set goals together to learn about who each of you have become and how you have changed over the years.
    As you learn, make sure and acknowledge what is important to each of you and show genuine interest and care. When individuals feel respected and appreciated, feelings can grow into a furthering bond of friendship and eventually intimacy.
  2. Instead of dwelling on the children’s absence, celebrate your freedom and a new chapter for you and your children! Dr. Ruth suggests “Now that children are out of the house, don’t be sad. Make it into something wonderful. You don’t have to worry if the children see or hear you in your most intimate moments.
  3. Explore self-expression with your spouse or partner that may have been bridled in the past due to kids in the home.
    Instead of listening to morning radio or watching TV when you wake up in the morning, once a week get back into bed together.” Try snuggling and take turns sharing what you will enjoy about your new found freedom. If you can’t get there so quickly, try warming up to this by inviting your spouse to a “date night” and try sharing ideas with each other on what makes intimacy grow.
  4. Many experts suggest sexually explicit books or movies as an activity for couples to share. While some may jump on this eagerly, others may feel uncomfortable with the idea. Find a compromise by watching a romantic comedy, or even discussing sexual fantasies.
  5. Discuss some of your favorite intimate moments over the years which might even make you blush a little. Always remember to remain open and honest and to listen without judgement.

Overcoming personal challenges

As we age, many women have physical issues that prevent us from enjoying intercourse as much as they used to. What can we do about that? There’s less lubrication in the vagina after 45, so women need to use a lubricant to prevent painful intercourse. This is why Dr. Shefrin, Bezwecken, the creator of Nature’s Naturopathic Renewed™ created an all natural vaginal suppository. ReNewed™ DHEA Vaginal Suppositories is the only 100% natural product to restore your body’s natural lubrication for continuous relief. Unlike other lubricants on the market today, ReNewed™ won’t harm your body with toxic chemicals and supports your body naturally.

The main thing to remember is beauty and intimacy begins in your brain. You must first accept that there is a problem and remind yourself it’s ok to be getting older. Just because you’re in that age range, doesn’t mean you have to give up. There are many ways to boost self confidence, rebuild the friendship between you and your partner and most importantly begin to enjoy sex again.

One man who was dating said to his new found partner, “I think of a relationship like a bank account. If the deposits outweigh the withdrawals then your balance will be in good standing and we will have no issues.” If together you both contribute to each other’s lives more than you take, it’s bound to draw you two together. If either of you feel underappreciated, you are most likely avoiding intimacy without even meaning to. By putting in the effort to praise, upbuild or compliment each other, you should soon begin to see an overflowing bank account. What a way to reinvest into the relationship you love!